A Circle of Spice Culinary Adventure With Janet de Neefe

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A Circle of Spice Culinary Adventure With Janet de Neefe

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Ambon - Lease Islands - Banda - Ambon

Expert Cruise Led by: Janet de Neefe

Discover the Indonesian Spice Islands with all your senses. Your sense of smell and taste will be peaked and fed as well as your sense of adventure on this exclusive eight-day culinary tour and rare look at the tiny islands that shaped a world of flavor.

Once worth their weight in gold, at one time spices were once the most sought after commodity in the world. From Asia to Europe, the demand for fiery flavor drove merchants, entrepreneurs and explorers across the globe in search for these valuable items. The more remote a source of a particular spice, the more the spice was worth, and none was so dear as the clove, mace, and nutmeg that hailed from the remotest area imaginable: the minuscule specs of land in the seas of the Moluccas, known as the Spice Islands.

It was the search for these mysterious Spice Islands that pushed European naval powers and explorers such as Magellan and Columbus and Magellan beyond their nearest shores to begin the “Age of Discovery.” Though their secret location has long been revealed, the Spice Islands remain remote and exotic as very few travelers get a chance to explore this culturally rich and historically fascinating region.

Lined with clove and nutmeg trees, the islands are as fragrant as they are beautiful, boasting dramatic volcanoes, pristine beaches, and crystal clear waters lined with teeming and vibrant coral reefs. Come follow in the footsteps of maritime explorers and quench your untamable taste buds as we indulge in all that the fragrant and fiery Spice Islands have to offer.

Meet the expert - Janet de Neefe


Adding extra flavor to this extraordinary adventure will be expert Janet de Neefe. Melbourne raised, Janet has made Bali her home since 1984. Her love of Indonesian culture and cuisine led to opening two Ubud restaurants : Casa Luna, and Indus, as well as inspiring two cookbooks: Fragrant Rice, and Bali, the Food of My Island Home.

Janet’s expertise and insight will spice up our journey with market tours, culinary workshops, and certainly many delicious regional dining experiences.